Real estate is the developing business that includes buying, selling, or renting land, buildings, or house. Buying a home is probably the most significant investment. If you are stepping into real estate, you might consider a real estate lawyer to guide you through the legal process. Real estate advocate specializes in matters related to property, from transactions to handling disputes between parties.

Laws and regulations under real estate

There is a wide range of laws applicable to real estate like the Real Estate (regulation and development) Act, Transfer of Property Act, Contracts Act, sand development control rules, etc., where the lawyers deal with a daily basis.

The Transfer of Property Act regulates property transfer in India, where the property is classified into the movable and immovable property. A real estate lawyer needs to be well in their knowledge of this act as it governs and regulates the transfer of properties between the parties.

It is essential to have a piece of knowledge on contract law for all real estate lawyers. They also have to know how to draft contracts and agreements. The advocate needs to regularly deal with clients who need them to draft the necessary agreement.

Not only these acts, but the real estate lawyer also needs to be well versed in rules and regulations, dispute resolution, contract drafting, which are essential of the real estate. If you are suffering from any of the real estate issues having legal advice from a talented advocate will safeguard you from the disputes.

What work do real estate advocates do?

The research on due diligence for the property to make sure that it is straightforward for development or sale. Real estate lawyers do everything from the title search of the property to dispute resolution. They advise their clients on various property-related matters. They handle many disputes which are related to the property.

If you are trying to get the land to develop a property, you have to get in touch with an experienced real estate lawyer who can help you finish the work from the topic to the disputes.


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