Landord and Tenancy Case Lawyers in Chennai

Many of us wanted to be in our own house and love to live a luxury life, unfortunately, due to some unavoidable situation where you have to hire a rented house to live. In this scenario, you have to enter into a relationship with the tenant and the landlords. Landlord and tenant disputes are unable to evade, and it is very common nowadays. If you are facing any issues regarding the landlord, then seeking a legal lawyer keeps you stress-free.

Common disputes between landlord and tenants

Landlords have the responsibility to make sure the property is maintained properly. This includes elevators, staircases, along with pipelines and electrical wires, which should be maintained regularly. Failing to meet these expectations, landlords could pay hefty fines.

The landlords need to ensure the functionality, safety, and hygiene of the property. If the cleanliness loses it creates a severe dispute

Tenants who desire to alter the properties with screws, nails, and other similar fixtures need to ask for permission from their landlords. If they fail, this creates a major dispute between the tenant and landlords.

Non-payment of rent at a specific time is a common issue that arises in many places.

When you need to hire a lawyer

Hiring a lawyer can increase your chance of success if your landlord serves you with a termination notice that you intend to fight.

If the landlord cancels the utilities, locking you out in order to evict you into his own hands in that situation, you can go with legal help.

When the landlord isn’t fulfilling your important obligations under your lease, it can lead to major problems.

Not only these issues, if you have been injured personally or mentally, but you also can hire a landlord-tenant disputes lawyer in order to solve the dispute that arises.

What work does the lawyer do?

If you face any of the disputes given above, you can hire an expert who can handle this dispute easily. He will represent you by handling such disputes from the filing of the complaint to the final hearing in the court. Having a well-experienced lawyer will provide you with a hassle-free solution.

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