Family Lawyers in Chennai

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There are different reasons to appeal for a Divorce few important reasons are the cruelty of husband or husband relatives, Adultery, impotence, and disease. The disease includes any incurable disease either physical or mental. Every client should know that no court will hear Divorce petition within a year of marriage as per the Divorce act.

Divorce procedures to be followed in the court are as follows:
First procedure to be followed in the divorce case is to sign a vakalat, which  gives your lawyer the right to represent you in court.
Next procedure to follow for filing divorce petition in the court is, aggrieved person should submit the marriage certificate or marriage invitation,  two passport size photo and post card size marriage photo, aadhaar card details for proof.
In the divorce petition facts should be mentioned or the grounds for divorce vary depending upon the religion of the divorcing parties, general grounds include adultery, physical or mental abuse, sexual impotency, either party has incurable disease or either party clinically insane.
The  petition should contain the jurisdiction the of the court.
Addition to the grounds for divorce, you must also provide income tax statements, salary information, details on living arrangements with children and family member.