Dowry Harassment Lawyers in Chennai

The dowry system is prevalent in India from ancient times. In modern times the dowry harassment against women is more common in our country.
In order to help the victims, our law firm provides sufficient legal measures, against the dowry harassment.
What is Dowry!
 Dowry pertained to any property or valuable security demanded by the bridegroom family or his relatives. Dowry harassment can be either before marriage or after marriage.
In the Indian laws, the payment of dowry has been prohibited under the dowry prohibition act 1961 and subsequently 304 B of Indian penal code dowry death and 498A of the cruelty of the husband to his wife relating to dowry. Dowry harassment relates to cash, goods, real or movable, or immovable property with the demand of bridegroom family or his relatives. with the help of legal measures, you can safeguard from Dowry harassment.
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