Nowadays, NRI divorce cases are increasing dramatically. Going through misery in the relationship is normal, but many couples seek divorce as the only way out when it reaches its extent. It is not easy to seek a divorce when one of the parties is not an Indian resident. It can further add to the complication one of the partners is an NRI.

Common situations that lead to NRI divorce

NRI spouse already has another spouse, and in some cases, the groom does not take the bride with him leaving her behind with parents. But when the reality is disclosed, the girl’s family seeks divorce for their daughter.

The Lifestyle of the NRI is too advanced for the Indian spouse feels that they are not suitable as a partner and seeks divorce due to its incompatibility.

Laws related to NRI divorce

If both the spouses are Indians and have been married under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, they can seek the mutual consent divorce under section 13-B.

If both the spouses reside in the USA or any other foreign country, they can seek divorce by mutual consent under the country’s divorce law.

If you decide to mend your relationship, a petition for a divorce needs to be filed to commence the proceedings. For that, you should need legal advice from the experienced NRI divorce advocate.

What work does the NRI lawyer have

The advocate follows all the rules and regulations of the divorce. The advocate consults with both the parties and starts to file the case. There are two forums available to file this suit. Despite your partner being an NRI, if you stay in India, you may choose to initiate proceedings in an Indian court. The other option is to file a case in a foreign court.

After filing the lawyer will represent you in the court till the final hearing occurs. There are many procedures to get divorce for NRI people. So, hiring the best NRI divorce advocate helps you to support from the filing of cases to the end of the hearing.


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