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Property opinion is considered to be the Rights and liabilities of the buyer, as being the Best Property and Legal Opinion lawyers in Chennai we have listed about the Rights and Liabilities of the Buyer.
Rights of the buyer
- Right of the buyer is to check, whether the seller is in sound mind, if he is in unsound mind, the agreement for sale and sale deed is invalid.
- A buyer should check whether the seller has his own legal title over the property.
- And also buyer should scrutinize whether the property is mortgaged or alienated.
- Buyer has the right to check whether the seller attained the age of majority at the time of registration.
Liabilities of the buyer
- The liability of the seller is to check the encumbrance certificate of the property
- The buyer should verify the seller title flow of the property
- The buyer has the liability to pay the payment of money according to the consideration amount.
- The buyer has the right to inspect the property to  verify the building quality before the sale transaction or sale agreement takes place
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