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FIR Quashing

The quashing of an FIR in criminal proceedings means to dissolve or to put an end to legal presentments in process. The CrPC has reclined specific provisions for quashing cases. Some cases fall under Section 482, and the permissive power of courts resolves others.

Section 482 and the Power of Courts

Courts had power preliminary to the enactment of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), and one among the immanent powers of the high court is the First Information Report. An amendment in 1923 replicated section 561(a) and affixed Section 482.

Under S-482, High courts administer some power over quashing, which are the following.

- For two ends in any presence, to meet, High Courts (HC) can act.
- The accused can file Writ Petitions in HC when they are charged under a non-compoundable offense.
- The court can quash an FIR if it finds that a particular report is filed to slander a person.

(The offenses settled outside the court by the parties are Compoundable offenses and those that cannot be settled outside the courts are Non-compoundable offenses)

According to the Supreme court's order, An FIR should be quashed immediately into effect without further plea. While enjoying power, High courts should be mindful of the gravity of the offense and nature. But still, variability in the judgment of court regarding quashing cases prevails.

SSK provides lawyers who are aware of every section and the inherent powers of the courts. They follow every norm and obligation stated by the government to win each case without ease for the party prosperously.

The Need For Quashing

The FIR needs to be quashed under some of the following situations or matters, decided only by the High court or the Supreme court :

• When all the aspects are proved wrong in a case or when a plea is made against an indicted person.
• In cases where the motive of the filing party is devious.
• If the department of police finds a case whose evidence disproves the cognizable offense committed after investigation.
• In the case of non-cognizable offense, it is to be quashed under The CrPC, Section-155(2). When an FIR investigation is filed under a non-cognizable crime, it shall proceed only after the judge's order.
• If an FIR filed for cases of non-ending conclusions, it can only be quashed with proper procedure.

Under S-498(A), The Supreme court has detained may times that if a judgment is bleak by chances or if a case is filed with false ambition. The proceedings need to be quashed.

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The Process and Stages

After a complaint, If the FIR lodged by police officers has been ensured illegal, it can be quashed. Quashing is a process in advance of filling up the charge sheet and after the FIR is filed. The Supreme court discourages the practice of quashing an FIR after filling up the charge sheet, but it can still be withdrawn after the charge sheet under S-482. Submitting a petition before an FIR Quash is made mandatory by the HC Under S-482.

Only when he/she is incriminated falsely or proven innocent to the court an FIR can be quashed on the ground, and such a case is flawed, and therefore, he/she is made free by the police.

The community of lawyers in SSK would always follow every legal procedure stated under the respective section in which the handling case comes under.

Documentation and Fee

Documents Required :

• Verified copy of an FIR.
• A set of relevant transcribed documents along with a clean copy of FIR.
• Memorandum of appearance
• Court fees

The process of quashing an FIR may take 2 to 3 months with a minimum price.

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Can the FIR be quashed?
The FIR can be quashed for every existing case.

What if the FIR is not quashed?
When the FIR of a falsely accused person is not quashed, he/she may become a victim of the opposite party.

What is the time taken to quash an FIR?
An FIR to be quashed may take from 2 to 3 months.

Can the FIR be quashed before filing the charge sheet?
Yes, The FIR can be quashed before filing the charge sheet, but such practice is not appreciated by the courts more often.
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