Criminal Lawyers in Chennai

Criminal law is a set of rules framed for protecting the individual persons, victims. Not only for individuals or human beings but also protects the property, health safety and moral welfare of people and it is provided by the Best Criminal Lawyers in Chennai.
This criminal law varies according to territories but it is completely different from civil law.

Imporatant elements
In criminal offences two important elements are essential  to prove:
1) Actus reus
First one Actus reus is considered to be a physical act involved in committing the offence described in criminal law.
2)Mens rea
In Mens rea mere intention of the accused to commit an offence or knowledge of what he or she did was against the law.

Crime deals with many portions and branches.
1) Criminal Breach of Contract
2) Forgery
3) Negligence
4) Rioting and Affray
5) Criminal Defamation
6) Extortion
7) Inducing Delivery of Property
8) Stalking
9) White-Collar Crime
10) Corruption Charges etc.
Our law firm provides legal services throughout the territory relating to: 1) Bail 2) Anticipatory bail 3) quashing the FIR 4) charge sheet  5)warrant recall etc.