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Civil law comes in to practice when there are non-criminal disputes between individuals or organizations. Civil Lawyers deals with a variety of matters which we are going to discuss shortly. Like other branches of law, civil law is undoubtedly fundamental for the citizens to live peacefully without having to worry about their legal matters. The SSK Law firm offers the best and most eligible Civil Lawyers in Chennai who can proficiently help you fight for your rights as a valuable citizen.

It is the responsibility of every democratic country that the rights of its people are respected, and everyone is treated fairly and equally. The law ensures that the legal matters will be taken care of seriously, and every individual will get justice when their legal values are violated. If you feel like your civil rights are violated, and someone has made discrimination against you, contact the most trusted civil attorney and discuss the matter. The federal and state law defines the extent of your public and judicial rights and your Civil Lawyers will help you with the case.

SSK Law firm with expert Civil Lawyers focuses on the Civil Disputes of individuals and specialized in protecting the rights of a person who is mistreated in anyway at work or in public on the bases of ethnicity, age, gender, or any other trait. We will guide you if your case is a valid dispute, and what can be done to solve it.

Law in General and Its Types

Law is a set of rules and regulations conducted by the government of a country or a society. The law defines the practices, standards, and rights of individuals to deal with personal and social matters such as crimes, business disputes, personal and family issues, breaches of any kind, etc. There are four main types of Law which Civil Lawyers deals with, and all the further classifications fall under any of these main types.

1. Criminal Law

Criminal law is a system that deals with crimes and individuals who commit crimes. The law is enforced by police, and then criminal lawyers carry out further proceedings. Crimes like murder, robbery, rape, and assault come under criminal law.

2. Civil Law

Civil law does not deal with crimes, but it deals with every other matter or loss a person can face because of someone other individual or organization.

3. Common Law

Common law is the set of rules established by the judges. For example, people must read contracts before making a purchase or any legal exchange.

4. Statutory Law

A legislative body formulates statutory law in the government. A government creates the law in the presence of elected legislators. For example, a country’s tax law, traffic rules, and regulations, company formation, criminal codes, etc. all come under Statutory Law.

Importance of Civil Law

Civil law is very important as it protects every individual in society and defines their private rights. If there is no civil law, society will become out of control and everyone will violate the rights and limitations of other people depending on the power and wealth they have.

Sub-Categories of Civil Law

Civil law deals with a wide range of issues which roughly fall under the following main categories:

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law or Tort Law protects you and your property from any harm caused by someone else’s act. After a successful tort action or claim, the party which has caused the damage bears the loss and compensates for the suffering party.

Property Law

Property law refers to the area of law which deals with ownership of real property such as land, and personal property such as intellectual property (trademark, copyright, etc.) Contract law also falls under property law and comes into action in a property exchange matter.

Family Law

A family is an essential unit of every society, and a law that handles Family matters is equally crucial. Family matters such as Marriage, Divorce, Child custody, and support, Adoption and legal guardianship, etc., fall under family law.

Real Estate Law

It’s the branch of Civil law that deals with buying, selling, using, and everything related to physical property or Land. The law makes it clear that how people will acquire a property and how they will use it.

Business or Commercial Law

All the business-related issues linked to B2B organizations, complaint between employee and employers, frauds and thefts, and any other matter which falls under the business category is covered under this branch of civil law.

Landlord and Tenant Law

This law clearly explains the legal rights and duties of tenants and landlords. The law contains rules from both property and contract law.

Education Law

Education is the most important need of any society, but there are many cases and disputes which need a separate body of law for Education related legal issues. False registration of institutions, deception, complaints of teachers and students, etc. are dealt with education law.

Sports Law

Sportspeople also go through many legal difficulties in the span of their careers. Issues related to contracts between a sportsman and the organization, trademark, agency issues, tax-related complaints and other matters fall under this category. Sports law is also an essential part of civil law and necessary for sportsman and their rights.

Civil Law Categories

It is hard to find a lawyer who can help you with all the cases and disputes mentioned above. Most lawyers have expertise in a single or a few areas. Our Law firm has top civil lawyers in Chennai who can help you with all of your non-criminal disputes that fall under Civil Law.

Reasons to Hire a Civil Rights Lawyer

Your civil lawyer will guide you whether your dispute is legitimate, and what are your chances of winning the case. The lawyer will also estimate based on his understanding of the case that how many awards you’ll receive in return for the damage and harm you have suffered. You can then decide that you should file a lawsuit or not.

What is a Lawsuit

A Lawsuit is a civil case between two parties, a plaintiff who brings the claim and a defendant who has allegedly caused the harm. If the plaintiff wins the case and is successful in the lawsuit, the court will order the defendant to compensate for the damages.

How to File a Suit

The plaintiff brings a complaint to the civil court, and the case then served to the defendant. The defendant can also hire a lawyer if the claim has false allegations, so the plaintiff should hire a civil lawyer in order to understand the legalities and possible steps to take.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Sue Someone

You can sue someone on your own without the help of a lawyer, but in order to proceed with the case and get justice, you’ll need professional help. A professional and licensed civil lawyer will help you with each and every step of the process and give you valuable suggestions.

Hire Your Civil Lawyer Now!

Finding an eligible civil litigation lawyer who could proficiently present your case in the court is difficult, and you might end up being frustrated. The Civil Lawyers should be experienced and well versed in his department and capable enough to handle your case.

Our firm has the best civil lawyers in Chennai and a proven track record of providing quality services. We take your matters seriously and do our best to get you justice and the best results as quickly as possible. Contact us now, and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.

Our law firm helps into the recovery of bad debts by providing legal services in the filing of civil suits. We also provide advice on civil related queries and relating to trade agreements, contracts, memorandum of understanding, etc.