A trademark can be described as the unique identification that separates your product or service from the others. A logo, image, emblem, word, tone, scent, and a mixture of color or graphics may be distinctive. Many businesses typically either try logo or name registration. The only way to protect you as a unique identity is to patent it if you develop a unique idea or logo. The intellectual property or intangible property of the company is a registered trademark. It acts as a safety cover for the investment in the logo or name of the product.

The trademarks in India are licensed by the Department of Industry and Commerce, Government Of India, Controller General Of Patents, Designs and Trademarks. Under the act named The Trademark Act, 1999, you can register the trademark. The registration requires those who want to copy the trademark to use. Therefore, nobody else can use a trademark identical to a person licensed. When a trademark has registered, an R symbol may be used, valid for ten years after the registration date.

Who can apply for Trademark in Chennai?

Following Indian trademark rules, articles, such as sound, logo, words, phrases, colors, pictures, symbols, or initials can trademark or a combination of them. It will also use to differentiate the company from others.

Private firms, people, businesses, LLPs, or NGOs may make a Trademark Registration in Chennai. The trademark shall be submitted to license on behalf of the company concerned in the case of NGOs, LLP's or businesses.

Advantages of Trademark in Chennai:

The opportunity of the market: A product or service offered under a licensed mark helps to establish customer trust, reliability, efficiency, and goodwill. When combined with other stores, it gives you a unique identity.

Legal protections: The owner of a licensed registered trademark can use his logo, brand, or identity with a replica of the slogan if a violation happens.

Get unique Personality: With a brand name, will the consumers know a particular product or service. The filing of a trademark means rivalry does not harm it and remains the corporation's specific commodity.

Trademark International Filling: A registered and registered trademark in India may also register outside India. Therefore, foreigners will sign and file a trademark in India.

Intangible asset growth: If the brand builds a reputation and achievements, the label can be a powerful commodity. It is an elusive commodity that can sell, franchised, marketed, or licensed legally by filing a trademark: the corporation or the individual shareholder profits. A logo is the organization's intellectual property. LEGAL PROTECTIONS GET UNIQUE PERSONALITY TRADEMARK INTERNATIONAL FILLING INTAGIBLE ASSET GROWTH TRADEMARK ADVANTAGE

Filling process of Trademark in Chennai

Search for the trademark: You should assist yourself in finding your trademark using the director of trademarks. You should also review the identity and brand name you choose to ensure that it is not currently listed under any other name. When it is determined to be distinctive, the trademark can be licensed. You should find a way to alter it so that your card cannot be canceled if your logo or company name is registered.

Selection of class: You must use it under the appropriate name when applying for registration. In a specific segment of the market, the company name allows you to trade under a particular brand name. Approximately 45 sectors exist, and every industry is listed—the products and services registered with the Trademark Registry in 45 different groups. The correct class will use for every logo or brand name.

Preparation of the submission: You must continue with the application by drafting the authorization letter first by making sure the name or logo is distinctive and registered. This helps them to license the trademark on behalf of you. The letter can be signed and returned to us.

Trademark Compliance documents Needed.

A duly signed authorization certificate enables us to file a trademark on your behalf. We begin preparing the papers, applying the application electronically, and then paying for it after receiving the letter of authorization. You will get the approval email early, and the TM symbol will use. The papers to be submitted are as follows when applying for registration of the mark:
Name of applicant
Type of business
Business goals
Name of brand, slogan or motto
Address of registration
Brand Identity and evidence
Using the Tagline with Logo
Forms 48 Document Needed for Trademark Registration

Important information about the process for trademarks in Chennai

Today, a trademark registration can easily be made online with the advent of technological advances. Before having to reach the registry office, you will get support from a registered label agent to file online.

Codification Process in Vienna: The codification of Vienna is a critical step in the labeling process. The international classification is provided once the application form has filled out. Your registration application will now be marked as the "codification sending to Vienna."

Trademark review: The trademark examiner reviews the label in compliance with the rules and protocols until the trademark patent is approved for Vienna's registration. In his / her discretion, the officer may accept or refuse the application.

Talk to registrar/officer of trademarks: The claimant may attend a hearing if the trademark application is rejected. The recommendation shall be advanced if the officer may persuade by the documents submitted. When the officer is not convinced, the appeal denied again, when you are not entirely sure about the reason for the rejection, the Appellation Board of Intellectual Property that contacted.


What's a form of trademarks?

The list of trademark goods and services is divided into 45 categories. The class/classes of the products/services specified in the application should be listed. Only under those classes would the mark be registered.

What are the usually rejected trademark applications?

Unless the trademark is like the current submission, religious beliefs will destroy, geographical names or generic terms would ruin. This is, therefore, denied where uncertainty is expected to occur. So for a car brand, you can't register the car, but for an electronics brand.

What if someone has a trademarked similar word?

You can't get the word, but not everything's lost. Instead, you can design and add the name of a single logo for your company. As an example, take BMW. The BMW is featured in the logo. A prefix will also be required. It alluded to as a mark. There is always a way out, but a unique name is best.

Should I register my name for the trademark?

Often startup entrepreneurs report it on their name, while large corporations would instead register it on their name. That is because there is still uncertainty about the prospects of a startup. The trademark would be accurate regardless of the status of the business is owned by the founder. In this case, however, a trademark licensing agreement is required.

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