Industrial Disputes Lawyers in Chennai

Generally disputes is concerned with disputes between the parties with means of difference of opinion or disagreement of strife for some issues. But in regards to industrial dispute it is comparatively differs, any dispute of difference of opinion between employees and employee or between workmen and employer or between workmen and workmen and whether it is concerned with the employment and non employment.

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There are many forms of industrial disputes:

In the industrial dispute strike is the most important form, in any industry group of employed persons creating a suspension of work or cessation of work in order to create a dispute between employer and employee it is referred as strike.

Mostly in primary strikes it is aimed against employers, these strikes may include the form of a stay-in, stay away strike, tools down protest strike, boycott etc.

The second strike form of strike is called secondary strike or it is called as “sympathy strike” this strike is against the third persons who has good trade relations with the employer, these relations are severed and the employer incurs losses.

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