Property Document Verification Lawyers in Chennai

Buying a property can be an overwhelming experience for both financially and emotionally. Hence property verification is necessary to step. Property document verification is the process of verifying the authenticity of a document. Verifying the document with the experienced lawyer keeps you hassle-free in the future.

Documents required to be verified

Some important documents need to be verified during the property document verification. They are conveyance deed, sale deed, agreement to sell, will, relinquishment deed, power of attorney, partition deed, freehold mutation details.

In a coparcenary property two or more persons enjoy common ownership of a property. Nowadays in ancestral property males and females have equal rights and equal interests derive from the property.

Benefits of property document verification

The transaction is free from litigations
By verifying the property, you can avoid the fraud seller's property.
It helps to avoid the transaction if fake or forged documents are presented
It provides the assurance that the seller has the right to sell the property.
It helps to take the loan after the verification.

Property document verification lawyer work

The lawyer first thoroughly checks the title of the document. The title is a legal term that means the right of ownership of property. It has the legal right of a person to hold any property or description of the authorized owner of a particular property and such authorization. It is confirmed by verifying the official documents such as a deed, conveyance, etc.

After the title check, mortgage documents are checked, and also it is necessary to check the encumbrance certificate. It is issued only when the property is free from the encumbrances like licenses, mortgages, property tax, etc.

The lawyer should check the sanctioned plan and built-up area document. The government provides the sanctioned plan where the built-up is something where actual construction on property has taken place.

It is important to check the property tax receipts, which proves the seller has been paying tax on the property according to the government regularly.

There are some other properties that need to be verified by the lawyer, which is according to the type of property and state requirements and case to case basis.

So having a well-experienced legal property document verification lawyer helps you to not invest in a fraud area. The lawyer verifies every document from the title search to the registered certificate in order to have a hassle-free property.


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