NCLT Lawyers in Chennai

Dealing with National company legal tribunal affairs is a challenging task for any company. In those cases, you should require a reliable and trustworthy legal partner. The National company law tribunal is a quasi-judicial body in India. The Indian government established it to settle the disputes arising between civil corporations. The NCLT also serves as an adjusting authority for resolving insolvency cases of limited liability partnerships.The well-experienced lawyer faces numerous cases so that they can fetch reasonable justice to their clients.

Qualification of NCLT members

The NCLT maintains some qualifications for the president, judiciary members, and technical members. The president of the NCLT must have served for about five years as a judge of the high court and should be at least 50 years old, but not exceed more than 67 years.

The judiciary member must have served as a judge or district judge for five years and above or must have been an advocate with more than ten years of experience. The must be at least 50 years old but not more than 65 years old.

The technical members of the NCLT must have served at least 15 years as a member of the Indian corporate law. They must have practiced CA, CS, CMA for at least 15 years.

Work of NCLT lawyers

If you face any disputes about the transfer of shares, then NCLT has been empowered to handle all the grievances involved in the disputes. The NCLT lawyer helps you in these instances and protects your rights.

Another main area that the NCLT’s function involves the disputes related to the deposits. If the depositors are unhappy with any point related to the deposit, they can move to NCLT to settle the grievances.

You can hire the NCLT lawyer for many issues like freezing assets of a company, converting a public limited company into a private limited company, etc.

You should hire the well-knowledged NCLT lawyer who ensures proper guidance to their clients. They should commit to help their clients and guide them to attain complete compliance with the NCLT guidelines to avoid penalties and fines.

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