Credit Card Harassment / Issue Lawyers in Chennai

A credit card is considered to be the best financial product when it is used responsibly.

Why contact the Lawyers for Credit Card Harassment / Issues

Bankers mostly appoint recovery agents to collect the loan amount from customers. These Agents harass clients to collect the amount.

The defaulters cannot repay due to various reasons like termination in the job, medical issues, etc.

Our Advocates will negotiate with the appointed agents and find a method by demanding them not to harass.

In Covid times many customers cannot pay their debt due to various above discussed reasons. We are supporting them to the maximum level as we can.

Our Advocates also support legally to the credit card defaulters, by sending a legal notice to the Bank managers or to the appropriate authority.

What is a Credit Card?

A Credit Card is a card issued by a Bank/Monetary company which allows the cardholder to borrow funds to a limited extent. The funds is used as payment for purchasing product or services. All agency gives you the power to withdraw as money from ATM to a limited extent, but this will not be advised since the interest rate will get calculated on the day of withdrawal with many agencies.

Importance and Advantages of Credit Card :

The credit has numerous advantages if used correctly
- Universally Accepted
- Can buy now and pay later without Interest(in a specific period)
- Cash Back offers on purchases
- Reward Points
- You can cancel any fraudulence payment immediately.
- Many credit card covers Insurance
- Helps in boosting the Credit Score.
- Many stores offer EMI with 0% interest with a credit card.
- You can buy the product and convert it as EMI in the Agent end if required.
- Credit card Agent offers EMI in just a phone call without a Salary slip and other formalities.

Dis-Advantages of Credit Card :

If you are using Credit Card, then you must know the following
- Put you in debt if you purchase without planning your repaying ability.
- Lower your Credit score for a missed payment.
- Interest and other charges on missed payment
- Additional charges have to be paid if you have exceeded the credit limit.
- You should know the rules on using in ATM Machine or abroad, and the charges vary completely.

Ideas which helps you NOT to become a Credit Card Defaulter

- Do not use the card over the limit
- Don’t get more number of Credit card
- Pay the bills within the due date
- Don’t keep paying the minimum amount. You have to settle the total amount one day, make it at the earliest.
- Don’t purchase anything above your repaying ability.
- Don’t use your card for others because the liability will be yours, if they are unable to pay, then it is you who will bear all consequences.
- Avoid too many card addons, which will be complex to track.
- Do not get into the habit of transferring the balance from card to card, it will make you todo endlessly.

Why Credit Card problems are more in Chennai

Chennai is the most developed city in Tamilnadu, and there are more job opportunities. The banks try to issue a credit card to all salaried persons as possible. Many are thrown into default without knowing the usage and terms, as discussed above.
Try to handle the cards more responsibly, knowing that you are the only person responsible for any payment default.

Why SSK Law Firm

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