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The Central administrative tribunal deals with the government matters of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Cat is a tribunal formed under the Act of parliament to handle service disputes of central government employees. The administrative tribunal differs from the ordinary court in its procedure and jurisdiction.

Types of cases filed before CAT

There are two types of cases filed with CAT are:
1. Original application (OA)
2. Miscellaneous application (MA)

You need to file the OA cautiously as per the prescribed format and instructions issued in this case. So, having legal advice from the experienced lawyer helps you to file in the specified format.

The Central Administrative Tribunal aims to dispose of the disputed of central government employees early gets achieved as soon as possible.

Services provided by the Central Administrative Tribunal

CAT can exercise law on all services related to an individual who is an all-India service member.

The CAT also manages the disputes of appointment, disputes of suspension, CVC issues, CBI issues, Payscale fixation issues, etc.

The CAT follows the abstract principles of natural justice, which is subjected to the central government's rules and acts.

This CAT does not follow the code of civil procedure (1908) and the evidence act (1872). You should hire a well professional lawyer so that who can understand the rules and strategy to get quick justice.

How CAT lawyer works

CAT lawyer can file and defend the OA about the recruitment and appointment. They can also handle disputes about the promotion, employee transfer, charge sheet, suspension, and other punishment.

They provide online legal advice and drafting of documents on all disciplinary issues in the light of fact. They also offer the service for vetting and drafting replies too.

Thus, the CAT is a dynamic government department with duties, increasing jurisdiction, and heavy responsibilities to perform. So having a well-experienced and trained lawyer is the speedy remedy at CAT.

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